Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Howard U. conference mentioned in American Chronicle

An article in the American Chronicle mentions the panel at Howard University organized by the Oromo Studies Association (see previous post). The article notes:
Professor David Shinn, US Ambassador to Ethiopia (1996-1999), discussed in-depth that every conflict in the region involves more than two neighboring countries at a time and that it is imperative for the Obama Administration to take that into account. In the face of stifled political processes and growing conflicts, he said that the best option for Oromo and other Ethiopian oppositions to pursue is to strengthen civil society organizations. He did not comment on the new Ethiopian NGO law that bans development and human rights organizations if their foreign funds exceed 10%.
The rest of the article is accessible here. Photo: US Ambassador David Shinn giving a talk on US Policy in the Horn of Africa at the 2009 OSA mid-year conference in Washington D.C, Howard University. Credit: American Chronicle.

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