Monday, June 15, 2009

Recommended reading on Somalia

For those of you who are interested in Somalia, I recently read three short reports that are especially informative — one on al-Shabaab and two concerning Somali piracy.
  1. The one on al-Shabaab is titled “Somalia: Understanding Al-Shabaab” by Paula Christina Roque dated June 3, 2009. You can find the paper (in PDF version) here.
  2. Roger Middleton, a consultant researcher in Chatham House's Africa Programme, wrote “Pirates and How to Deal with Them” dated April 22, 2009. You can find a PDF version here.
  3. Capt. Brian Wilson, commanding officer of the region legal service office, Naval District Washington, published “Effectively Confronting a Regional Threat: Somali Piracy” in Conflict Trends (Issue 1, 2009). You can find it here.

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