Friday, August 7, 2009

My interview on the Riz Khan show (Al Jazeera)

My comments start about 5:45 into the clip. Here is part two:


  1. Dear Amb: David Shin

    I am an Ogadeni and realy I am saddened by your remarks about Ogaden and denying the plight in Ogaden.

    Mr Shin. Ogaden is a blocked area where no one knows what is realy going on. Ogadeni people are suffering more then those in darfur.

    have you ever been in Ogaden? if its no how can you deny the the genocide and the massacre Of many parts in Ogaden. darfur is where everyone has an access to see even there animal is reported. but our people die silently.

    there is another thing mr David I would like you to note. you said "Ogadenis want freedom and thats imposible" so, the question is there anything in this globe better then being free? Is the policy of USA against the international declaration that everyone has the right for full freedom/ or ist just that you are one of TPLF supporters?


  2. Dear Ambassador David Shinn,

    I am from Somaliland. I listened to your comments on al jazeera about ogaden and the region. Some of them were good and accurate. But it was very sad that you did not mention the massive abuses by the ONLF terrorists, which they admitted themselves. As you said, there have been allegations and counter allegations in Ogaden and it is hard to know. But in three particular cases, for example, the ONLF a couple of years ago ADMITTED massacring 74 ethiopian and chinese people. Some of those ethiopians massacred were sub-clans from somaliland. Many years earlier, ONLF kidnapped aid workers and admitted for doing it because they "aided" the government. And another time, it labelled our SOMALILAND GOVERNMENT a "traitor" and massacred many somalilanders 15 years ago. These are not allegations. These are admittions. Why did you hide these crimes by ONLF?

    Secondly, while anti-peace forces use only pro-ONLF sources or pro-ONLF refugees guided by ONLF, all independent sources show the massive human rights abuses committed by ONLF on other somalis, including SOMALILANDERS.

    Some of these independent sources include this that details hundreds of civilians killed by ONLF and also huts burned and somalis killed because they refuse to be recruited by ONLF
    Just a few weeks ago, many Somalilanders were targetted by ONLF and we know the ONLF hates us because we block its route from eritrea to ogaden.

    The last problem is that most people were disappointed that you threated the Ogaden Human Rights Committee (OHRC) woman on al Jazeera as an "independent" person. It is very saddenning and an insult to independent institutions when we see the ONLF wing OHRC being threated as an "independent" entity. How can the OHRC organization created by ONLF financers and ONLF supporters ever be threated as an independent entity? Dear, Dr. Shinn, do you know how many times the so-called OHRC insulted and targetted Somaliland? Please visit their website to learn all their fabrications. How can the WEST sleep at night knowing that they gave a podium to such bloodthirsty liers like the OHRC and ONLF? The secrets about the establishment of OHRC was revealed a few years ago Unfortunately, some people still threat OHRC as a separate entity from ONLF. what a shame! Hundreds of civilian victims of ONLF are rolling in their graves!
    Please open your eyes about the OHRC and ONLF terrorists.

  3. Dear Amb: David Shin

    Being honest Ogaden people are deliberately cut off from the world, they have no access to other world. They have been in the hands of regimes which no one tells you how they were/are cruel and murderers. You have been in Ethiopia and you know how they treat there civilians. what Ogaden people need today is justice, and justice wouldn’t come while there is a colony.

    I don’t to have answer what the guy calling himself S.lander is saying. I thought the issue is between Ogadenes (colonized) Ethiopia (The oppressor) and those experts to the horn as a whole and Ethiopia particular. Being calling us terrorists wouldn’t harm us.

    please visit

    I am sorry amb. with your respect,we will continue our struggle against westren backet abbassinian GOV.(modarete day ethiopia)until we(ogaden) get our freedom with the help of ALLAH.we are the ones who suffered under cruel regims of abbassinania past and present as the americans, are ones who giving training,money and equipmement to so call ethiopian defence force(blood thirsty abbasinian army)so i did not surpriced for your beleve.
    Insha ALLAH we will get the job done with the help of ALLAH.

  5. Your interview with Aljazeera RIZ KHAN disappointed me. Human right is the basic thing every human kind needs, and this is what Ogaden people are missing and you denied it.

    Dear Ambassador David Shinn, i hope you will recognize and chanage your attitude towards Ogaden situation and their rights.

  6. You Somalilander will never get any recognition even from Ethiopia, every body nows the references of "Gemeda Humnasa" articles which you quoted are baseless, he is a member of current Ethiopia regime. its shame on you to refer such a bias column.

  7. Dear Ambassador David Shinn

    Why deny human beings their basic human rights for health care and nutrition? We are all made of flesh and blood and come from the same creator. Please Mr. Ambassador make a solid effort to help the people of Ogaden. This is a heart breaking situation, no one should go with out food or water.

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