Friday, August 7, 2009

Quote in EIR on Sudan

Here are my quotes from the August 7, 2009, issue of EIR:
In his testimony, Shinn added that, “It is time to drop the ‘genocide’ label. There is no genocide in Darfur today, and it does not serve U.S. policy well to call it that.” Shinn also made clear that the desire for success of unity in Sudan is supported by the overwhelming majority of Sudan’s nine neighboring countries. At the conclusion of the hearing, Shinn emphasized that the government of Sudan is reaching out to U.S. for the first time, that Gration is on the right track, and that he is a somewhat optimistic. Kerry responded by saying, “I am optimistic, too.” Kerry also said he thought that Gration “is on the right track, and his engagement has saved lives.”
You can download the PDF here.

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