Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Report on Muslim Brotherhood in Horn of Africa

The Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research published late in 2009 a study titled The Muslim Brotherhood in the Wider Horn of Africa" (PDF file). Written by Stig Jarle Hansen and Atle Mes√ły, it explores whether the Muslim Brotherhood can act as partners in the quest for development and peacemaking in the wider Horn of Africa (including Yemen). It explores the history of the various Brotherhoods in the wider Horn and finds that they have had the most impact in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The report suggests that positive engagement, while taking the ideological foundation of the Brotherhood as well as the structure of various sub-groups into consideration, could benefit both the members of the Brotherhoods, Western partners and the local population, and enhance development efforts. Image: "Hassan al-Banna: Charismatic Muslim leader and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt" by Flickr user bismikaallahuma, creative commons licensed.

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