Friday, August 13, 2010

Quote in LA Times

I'm quoted in Kate Linthicum's Los Angeles Times story "Some see worsening rights situation in aid donor 'darling' Ethiopia":
Reporting from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — Like many in the West, former U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia David Shinn watched the country's recent elections for signs that democracy was finally taking root.

When the results of the May vote were announced, all but two of 547 parliamentary seats went to the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, the coalition that has been in power here for nearly 20 years, or its allied parties.

"How do you win 99% of the vote?" Shinn said. "That's un-American." And yet, he said, "Ethiopia remains a darling of the donor community."

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  1. Mr Shinn,
    Now unless we are trying to pursue some free-time here on verbal gymnastics on how one Front wins 99% of votes in Africa,or in this case Ethiopia-then at the same time ingloriously call it "un-American",then do another u-turn by describing the same culprits as darlings of the "donor-community"and `but its worsenig human rights record.....blah,blah,blah`!Does really one "believe"the donor and the Western democracies were in shock to discover the track record of the regime in Addis was nothing but a stilted, out&out authoritarian Ethnocracy that organizes this Opera called elections every 5 yrs? PLEASE STOP ASSUMING,we ETHIOPIANS ARE GULLIBLE OR DUMB.