Monday, February 14, 2011

"The Future: the way forward for Africa, the U.S. and China" at the Wilson Center

Here is the video from the panel I was on at the Wilson Center on Feb. 4 at a conference titled "A Forum on Africa and China: What's at Stake: A Look at Development, Economic and Business Issues."

The panel I was on was titled "The Future: the way forward for Africa, the U.S. and China," and my presentation was titled "How Should Africa Fit into the U.S.-China Dialogue?"

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The other panelists were:
Nii Akuetteh, former Georgetown University professor and founding executive director, Soros Foundation-West Africa. "Selecting the Best Model for Africa-Practical Responses to Development, Economic and Business Relationships."

Wale Adeosun, founder and chief investment officer, Kuramo Capital Management. "Observations of an Investor in China and Africa."

Sharon T. Freeman, author and publisher, "Africa, China and the African Diaspora: Perspectives." "China in Africa: Turning the Pyramid Upside Down."

Moderator: Robin R. Sanders, international affairs adviser, Africare and former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria

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