Monday, October 21, 2013

Ibrahim Index of African Governance: East Africa and the Horn

The 2013 Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance came out in October with the latest rankings of 52 African countries.  The index is based on safety and the rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity, and human development.  The average score in 2012 for all of the countries was 51.6.  The countries of East Africa did reasonably well with Tanzania ranked #17 and a score of 56.9, Uganda ranked #18 with a score of 56, and Kenya ranked #21 with a score of 53.6.

The Horn of Africa countries did notably worse.  Djibouti ranked #30 with a score of 48.2, Ethiopia ranked #33 with a score of 47.6, Eritrea ranked #50 with a score of 31.9, and Somalia ranked last with a score of 8.  Sudan and South Sudan were not ranked, but would have scored poorly. 

No country in East Africa or the Horn was among the 5 most improved countries and 2--Eritrea and Somalia--were among the 5 countries whose rankings had dropped the most since 2000. 

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