Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Analyses of Al-Shabaab after Westgate

Foreign Policy in Focus ran on 22 October 2013 an analysis of al-Shabaab after the Westgate Mall attack titled "Al-Shabaab's Savage Coming of Age (and How to Respond)" by Francis Njubi Nesbitt, an associate professor at San Diego State University.  He concluded that the massacre "represents al-Shabaab's savage coming of age as an international terrorist organization.  Kenya and its allies must respond by strengthening regional security operations, reaching out to moderates, and cutting off the group's sources of funds." 

Inter Press Service in an article on 22 October 2013 titled "'Civil War' Breaks Out within Al-Shabaab" by Muhyadin Ahmed Roble quotes a political science professor at Kenyatta University that al-Shabaab "is now disintegrating like a house of cards because of internal divisions and power struggles within its leadership."

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