Monday, January 6, 2014

Did 2013 Mark the End of Somali Piracy?

Time published on 6 January 2014 an article titled "Did 2013 Mark the End of Somali Piracy?" by Noah Rayman.  The author said a testament of the success of recent antipiracy measures is that hijackings of major shipments off the coast of Somalia fell to zero in 2013.  The pirates are also trying less often.  There were only nine suspected attempts in 2013 in the shipping lanes between Yemen and Somalia. 

The pirates have not disappeared.  They are still commandeering smaller international fishing boats and holding more than 70 sailors hostage.  But the focus on piracy has moved to West Africa's Gulf of Guinea.  Maritime security experts warn that the sharp reduction in successful hijackings in 2013 could evaporate if there is a significant reduction in the international naval presence. 

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