Monday, July 21, 2014

UN Monitoring Group Alleges Conspiracy to Divert Somali Assets

Reuters published on 15 July 2014 a story titled "Exclusive: U.N. Monitors Allege 'Conspiracy' to Divert Somali Assets" by Louis Charbonneau and Drazen Jorgic.  It is based on a 37 page confidential document prepared by the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group, an 8-person committee established by the United Nations.

The document says the UN Monitoring Group has obtained information that "reflects exploitation of public authority for private interests and indicates at the minimum a conspiracy to divert the recovery of overseas assets in an irregular manner."  The document implicates a U.S.-based law firm, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a former foreign minister, and two other individuals.

All those accused of involvement in the plan to divert assets have denied any wrongdoing. 

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