Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt: 4th Meeting on the Renaissance Dam

The 4th tripartite meeting of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt on Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam took place in Khartoum on 25-26 August 2014.  Sudan Vision published a good summary of the first three tripartite meetings and the results of the 4th in an article titled "Analysis of the Fourth Tripartite Meeting on the Renaissance Dam" by Salman Mohamed Ahmed Salman. 

Concerning the most recent meeting, the author said Egypt has accepted the fact that the dam has become an indisputable reality and did not suggest any halting of construction.  Ethiopia accepted the principle of international participation in the studies, which Egypt has called for since the 1st tripartite meeting.  Sudan continued its role as a mediator between Ethiopia and Sudan.  Everything considered, the author thought all parties were conciliatory during the 4th meeting.

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