Monday, April 6, 2015

Al-Shabaab Crosses the Rubicon

Foreign Policy published on 3 April 2015 an analysis titled "Al-Shabab Crosses the Rubicon" by Bronwyn Bruton, Atlantic Council in Washington.  You can access the article by registering for free.

The author aruges that the recent attack by al-Shabaab on Garissa University in Kenya represents a final point in al-Shabaab's long evolution from a populist resistance movement into a full-blown, international terrorist organization that may be trying to emulate Boko Haram and even establishing links with the Islamic State.

While I agree there have been factions within al-Shabaab from the beginning, to consider it once a "populist resistance movement" gives it a credibility that it never deserved.  It has always relied on draconian measures and terrorist tactics; the tactics have just become more draconian and offensive with the passage of time. 

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