Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sudan Studies Association Bulletin

The summer 2015 edition of the Sudan Studies Association Bulletin is now available.  It contains the following articles:

--Some Images of Multiculturalism in the History of Sudan by Mohamed K. Khalil.
--Researching and Documenting the Sudan by Abdullahi Gallab.
--A New Humanism for Peace and Human Rights in Sudan, an Alternative Project for Northern Sudan by Farouq Ibrahim.
--American Military Officers in the Turkiya by Richard A. Lobban.
--The Picture of the Sudanese Leader in the Ottoman Archive by Omer Kocyigit.
--Social Activism and Transnational Networks: Nafeer and Sudanese Flood Relief by Rebecca Glade.
--Higher Education in South Sudan by Asha Abdel Rahim and Dirk Hansohn. 

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