Sunday, February 19, 2017

Horn of Africa: External Debt Stock

The World Bank has just released its International Debt Statistics 2017, an annual book that provides statistics and analysis on the external debt and financial flows for the world's economies for 2015.

In the Horn of Africa, external debt from 2000 until 2015 increased significantly for Djibouti and Ethiopia, modestly for Eritrea and Sudan and hardly at all for Somalia. South Sudan was not included. The change in external debt in millions of dollars from 2000 to 2015 is as follows:

Djibouti: $298 million to $1,222 million
Eritrea: $330 million to $873 million
Ethiopia: $5,516 million to $20,414 million
Somalia: $2,529 million to $2,892 million
Sudan: $16,076 million to $21,406 million

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