Monday, March 6, 2017

Ethiopia: Omo River Basin Development and Human Rights

Springer Open Access recently posted an entire book titled River Basin Development and Human Rights in Eastern Africa -- A Policy Crossroads by Claudia J. Carr, University of California at Berkeley.

The book is a detailed analysis of river basin development on the Omo River in Ethiopia. It contains the following chapters:

--At Stake with River Basin Development in Eastern Africa.
--The Persistent Paradigm for 'Modernizing' River Basins: Institutions and Policies.
--The Seismic Threat to the Gibe III Dam: A Disaster in Waiting.
--Transboundary Survival Systems: A Profile of Vulnerability.
--Components of Catastrophe: Social and Environmental Consequences of Omo River Basin Development.
--The Rush to Rationalize: Public Policies and Impact Assessments.
--The Dasanech of the Lowermost Omo Basin: From Adaptation to Development.
--Nyangatom Livelihood and the Omo Riverine Forest.
--Turkana Survival Systems at Lake Turkana: Vulnerability to Collapse from Omo Basin Development.
--Human Rights Violations and the Policy Crossroads.

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