Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ethiopia and the State of Emergency

The Washington Post published on 3 March 2018 an article titled "Under a New State of Emergency, Ethiopia Is on the Brink of Crisis, Again" by Paul Schemm.

The author commented that while the government of Ethiopia sees the current state of emergency--the second in two years--as necessary to restore order required for any reform, critics see it as a way of perpetuating the status quo.

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  1. Dear Ambassador Shinn, This is a critical time for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian diaspora saddened, worried angered about the killings in Ethiopia. The state violence must not be tolerated. If Assad of Syria's crimes are offensive so are TPLF's. There has to be an all inclusive dialogue and a process of transition started with the time table. The only option to stop the ongoing violence and possible civil war is just this I believe. I hope you would add your voice to bring peace to Ethiopia that has suffered for so long right now.