Wednesday, March 21, 2018

South Sudan's Transnational Networks

The Rift Valley Institute published in March 2018 a study titled "The Role of Transnational Networks and Mobile Citizens in South Sudan's Global Community: A Pilot Study Focused on Melbourne and Juba" by Cedric Barnes, Freddie Carver, Santino Atem Deng, Gabriel Kiir, Nicki Kindersley, Rebecca Lorins and Sarah Maher.

The study takes a holistic approach to the dynamics of the South Sudanese transnational community and its impact within South Sudan. International migrations since the 1960s have created a global South Sudanese community that has been fundamental to the challenging process of forming a South Sudanese state. These networks have also undermined political and civil responsibility within South Sudan. The research confirms the extreme challenges faced by South Sudanese communities in their locations of displacement, in this case Australia.

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