Sunday, November 13, 2022

Implementation of the Ethiopian Peace Agreement

 Reuters published on 12 November 2022 an article titled "Ethiopia Combatants Sign Deal to Start Implementing Truce" by Ayenat Mersie.

Meeting in Kenya, military leaders from Ethiopia's central government and Tigray Region agreed upon terms to implement the peace agreement signed in South Africa on 2 November.  Significantly, they agreed that "disarmament of heavy weapons will be done with the withdrawal of foreign [read Eritrean] and non-ENDF (federal military) forces [read Amhara militia] from the region."

Comment:  The continued presence of Eritrean Defense Forces in Tigray Region and Amhara militia in Western Tigray is a particularly sensitive issue and not specifically mentioned in the agreement laying out the roadmap for implementation of the peace deal.  The reference to "foreign" almost certainly refers to Eritrean forces while non-Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) probably refers to Amhara militia.