Saturday, January 21, 2023

Are Eritrean Troops Withdrawing from Ethiopia?

 The Wall Street Journal published on 21 January 2023 an article titled "Eritrean Troops Endanger Ethiopian Peace Deal" by Nicholas Bariyo.

Drawing on information from the Tigray Emergency Coordination Center (members include UN agencies, humanitarian organizations, and Tigray government officials), the article reports that Eritrean troops killed at least 2,708 and abducted 645 others between 2 November and 30 December 2022.  The Coordination Center also alleged the killing of 1,000 more people by Amhara militia.  On the other hand, federal government officials and the Tigray People's Liberation Front continued to implement the terms of the peace deal, including restoring power, telephone, and banking services to large parts of Tigray Region.  

Comment:  The actions of Eritrean troops noted above conflicts with the Associated Press report repeated in the 20 January blog posting below.  The information in The Wall Street Journal may be based on a slightly earlier timeframe than the information in the Associated Press.