Friday, January 30, 2009

My chapter is forthcoming in a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Africa Program

My chapter "China's Engagement in Africa" (PDF) is forthcoming in CSIS' report Africa Policy in the George W. Bush Years: Recommendations for the Obama Administration. The publication will be available soon in hard copy. Here's the synopsis of my chapter:
The end of Cold War interests in Africa and more recently a predominant U.S. focus on counterterrorism and humanitarian assistance have led to a decline in U.S. influence on the continent. At the same time, the dramatic expansion of China’s economy in recent decades has resulted in a huge increase of imported raw materials, especially oil, from Africa and a more vigorous and complex engagement between Beijing and various African capitals. China’s policy has changed since the 1960s from ideological support for liberation groups and revolutionary governments to a pragmatic, comprehensive, political and economic relationship with most states on the continent. While China is not the only emerging power expanding its ties with Africa, the speed and scale of China’s expansion in the last decade warrant special attention from U.S. policymakers, both in seeking areas of potential collaboration and in mitigating potential tensions and differences.

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