Monday, March 16, 2009

Interview with VOA on diminishing power of al-Shabab

I spoke with VOA News' Alisha Ryu about the al-Shabab's tarnished image for the article "Somalia Analyst Says Al-Qaida-Linked Group Not Gaining Power." In particular, I noted:
"Now that the Ethiopians have for the most part left Somalia, it has really undercut the al-Shabab argument and my guess is that you are going to see a decrease in interest by those Somalis, who may otherwise be tempted to join, because the main purpose for joining has basically disappeared."
I also added,
"I think al-Shabab would be considered a more formidable organization if it did not emphasize any links with al-Qaida. The more al-Shabab uses tactics like suicide car bombings, if they allow themselves to be just an al-Qaida operative in Somalia, that will probably be the beginning of the end of them as a major organization in the country."
The entire article (and MP3) is accessible here.

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