Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview with Al Jazeera on Somali piracy

I did a live interview with Al Jazeera English TV on April 11 on Somali piracy. The news commentator was only interested in my previous suggestion that international naval vessels begin sinking pirate mother ships when there is incontrovertible intelligence as to their involvement in piracy. The commentator disagreed with this suggestion and stated that it would unnecessarily escalate the problem. I responded that naval forces should only take this action when the mother ships are in international waters and the evidence is overwhelming that they are aiding and abetting piracy. This would send a powerful message to pirate criminal gangs. Furthermore, the international community should engage in a longer-term strategy of helping to establish a widely-accepted national government in Somalia, which is the only way to bring an end to piracy. In addition, the international community must work to stop illegal fishing off Somali shores so that those Somalis who are willing to return to fishing as a way of life can do so. Some pirates are making so much money, however, that they will be disinclined to return to fishing. The commentator was not persuaded by my approach to the problem. He did not have a solution of his own to offer. The video doesn't seem to be posted online, but I will link it here if it goes up.

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