Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview with NY Daily News

I was interviewed by James Gordon Meek of the NY Daily News D.C. bureau for his article "Sea scum a new peril, but military has long been fighting true terrorists on land in Somalia." Here's the quote:
The U.S. has rained down at least five air strikes on Al Qaeda and its allies in Somalia in the past two years and has unmanned drones spying on targets, said David Shinn, former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia and State Department coordinator for Somalia. Counterterror operations in Somalia remain "very covert" as analysts increasingly fret that Al Qaeda will gain a foothold there in a potential safe haven, Shinn said.
The article appears here. Image: A spokesman for Somalia's Islamic group Al Shabab addresses a news conference in 2008. The United States has designated Al Shabab as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. NY Daily News.

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