Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with America.gov

I am quoted in Jim Fisher-Thompson's article "Agriculture and Energy Key to Clinton Angola Visit on Africa Trip: USAID, Chevron partner on economic diversification project" on America.gov (link), reprinted here on AllAfrica.com. Here are the relevant quotes:
David Shinn, an Africa expert and former U.S. envoy to Ethiopia who teaches political science at George Washington University, told America.gov that Angola “has been an important source of U.S. oil imports for many years and is challenging Nigeria as the largest supplier in Africa to the United States. Shinn said, “It is important, however, to take the U.S.-Angola relationship beyond oil, which totally dominates Angola's economy. Looking to the future, Angola needs to diversify.” He added: “Angola has the potential to be a rich agricultural producer. It is a country where American agricultural technology and private investment could be profitable and lead to diversification of Angola's economy. “The relationship with U.S. companies is close,” Shinn said, and could be “a significant factor in the nation’s economic development because “they were instrumental in developing the offshore oil resources.”

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