Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recommended monograph on engagement of Asian national oil companies in Nigeria and Angola

Chatham House released a thorough report on the topic in August 2009. The authors are Alex Vines, Lillian Wong, Markus Weimer, and Indira Campos. The report is titled "Thirst for African Oil: Asian National Oil Companies in Nigeria and Angola." Here is part of the preface: "Much has been written about China in Africa over recent years and an increasing literature is emerging about India. This Chatham House report is different in that it focused on rivalries among Asians for African oil in two countries. The report complements research already completed on Asian national oil companies (ANOCs) by Keun-Wook Paik, ValĂ©rie Marcel, Glada Lahn and John Mitchell of Chatham House’s Energy, Environment and Development Programme. This research is designed to mark the first stage of a wider project, looking at the impact of Asian oil efforts in Africa and the response of host governments and non-state actors, especially civil society. The research on Nigeria (Part 1 of this report) was mostly conducted by Lillian Wong and draws largely on Nigerian government official documents (not in the public domain), library research and over sixty confidential interviews with a broad range of senior Nigerian government officials, including cabinet ministers past and present, presidential advisers, members of the National Assembly, oil industry personnel, domestic and foreign, Nigerian civil society and local energy correspondents, and diplomatic missions in Abuja, both bilateral and multilateral."

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