Saturday, November 14, 2009

My remarks on Ethiopian armed groups at a conference hosted by State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research and U.S. Africa Command

Ethiopian Rebel Groups


  1. History shows that Ethiopian leaders never learn their lesson. The somali and Oromo Populations have been neglected and mis-treated on so many levels that it is only roght for groups such as ONLF and OLF to pick arms.

    the current ethiopian government has done nothing to end the suffering of the Somali people in the Ogaden and ending the conflict, despite its arm struggle the ONLF have been open to peace talks with the Ethiopian Governmnet.

    The ONLF is fighting for the same rights that the current ethiopian head of state melez zenewi was fighting for in the 90's

  2. It would be wise for the United State governmnet to support the ONLF and construct a pro U.S muslim governmnet in the Horn of Africa. With Ogadens rich oil resources and important location the U.S could use the ONLF to combat Al-shabab in somalia it would also improve the united states image around the horn. It would be seen as the U.S actually liberating a muslim nation...after all the people in the Ogaden communities around the country are begging the U.S for support therefore why not use them to our advantage.

    China countiues to expand its control over africa. supporting the ONLF would give us a much needed advantage..

    no need to worry about ethiopia if things go the way they are the country will defenitly have another revolution..