Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carter Center critical of Sudan’s vote counting

In a report dated May 10, 2010, the Carter Center, which monitored the Sudanese elections, described the vote tabulation process as "highly chaotic, non-transparent and vulnerable to electoral manipulation."

It urged the National Elections Commission to publish the results of individual polling stations as quickly and widely as possible and to thoroughly review the results. The counting and tabulation period was generally peaceful in most areas, although serious incidents took place in several states. Read the entire report here (PDF).

Credit: "An official from Sudan's National Elections Commission (left) assists a voter at a polling station in Juba, Sudan. Originally set for 11 to 13 April, the date to vote in Sudan's general elections has been extended by an additional two days. 12/04/2010. Juba, Sudan. UN Photo/Tim McKulka. www.unmultimedia.org/photo/" Flickr, creative commons licensed.

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