Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview with VOA Chinese

I'm quoted in a story on VOA Chinese by reporter Yuan Ye about "reducing Africa's marginalization from the world economy." You can see the Chinese version here, or a rough Google Translate English version here.

Here is the reporter's translation of my quotes from the original story:
  1. Quite frankly, I think the industrialized countries in North America and Europe should revisit their investment strategies and consider increasing investment in sub-Sahara Africa.
  2. For example, the government can conduct an investors conference, or a series of conferences with the U.S. firms. The focus should be on the medium-sized companies as the major multinationals are pretty familiar with the investment challenges and opportunities in Africa. I understand that the U.S. government used to have similar initiatives,
    but not so much recently.
  3. I think this is a reasonable concept. It will not only help African countries become self-sufficient, but can also help with
    agricultural exports. This is much better than providing them with emergency food aid year after year.

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