Friday, October 22, 2010

Yemen, Somalia and terrorism

Sally Healy and Ginny Hill at Chatham House have written a good report (PDF) titled :Yemen and Somalia: Terrorism, Shadow Networks and the Limitations of State-building," dated October 2010.

The report makes the following points:
  • Western engagement in Yemen and Somalia is based on a state-building framework involving diplomacy, development and defense. Yet the priority attached to security-sector interventions undermines the balance of political and economic actions needed for this approach to succeed.
  • Western policies are contributing to a sense among some Yemenis and Somalis of being under attack and are drawing them towards radicalization and militancy.
  • The threat of radicalization extends throughout the far-flung diasporas of Somalia and Yemen, defying efforts at containment within the two countries and requiring new thinking about stemming the appeal of radicalism at its source.
  • Conventional counterterrorism and counter-piracy strategies are hindered by the existence of multi-million dollar shadow business networks spanning the Gulf of Aden.

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