Friday, July 8, 2011

New report on Somaliland

The Brenthurst Foundation in South Africa just released a good report on “The Consequences of Somaliland’s International (Non) Recognition” (PDF)

While generally sympathetic to recognition, it is a balanced analysis that looks at the pros and cons.

I believe it understates the problem surrounding Puntland’s claims to Sool and the eastern part of Sanaag regions in Somaliland. It concludes that “recognition would illustrate that African borders, far from being sources of insecurity, CAN [my emphasis] be a source of stability and enhanced state capacity.”

It CAN also have the opposite impact.

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  1. Tribal Entity one clan secessionist aka
    Somali-land an illegal entity being created by a particular clan (Isaaq) in order to serve personal interests, and as a proxy being used by foreign powers (mainly Ethiopia) in order to keep Somalia divided and weak. Somalia has build good relationship with South Sudan over the years .Somalia is the only country in Africa in which the population have a common language and religion and who are ethnically and culturally the same , South Sudan will be another country with similar are liar and a scam artist to the fullest. .