Thursday, August 4, 2011

Helping Somali famine victims

While I do not normally use this blog for solicitations, I am making an exception in the case of Horn Relief.

I have served on the U.S.A. Board of Horn Relief for the past six years and attended the annual board meeting in Nairobi last year. It is a reliable and responsible organization.

In the event that you want to help Somali famine victims, I urge that you consider making your contribution to Horn Relief.
Dear friends and colleagues,

Somalia has been devastated by years of conflict and international isolation. Now it is the location of the first official famine of the 21st Century. There are unsung heroes and organizations who continue to defy the odds but the current stats are staggering and we need your help. Please donate at For more info, see below.

Somali refugee camps in Kenya are already busting at the seams with nearly 500,000 living in camps designed for 1/5th of that number. This causes dire public health concerns.

Everyday, right now, 3.7 millions people are devastated by drought and famine.

Horn Relief has been working in Somalia and the Horn of Africa continuously for more than 20 years. Horn Relief is often requested to teach its methodologies and approaches to the UN and across numerous countries.

Our Donors come from all over the world and many Donors have continued to offer financial support and partnership year after year.

Horn Relief uses traditional systems of engaging elders to help with the oversight of programming and distribution of resources for transparency and accountability.

Horn Relief's efficient management practices allow for every $1 you give, 90% goes directly to those in need. The remaining 10% is used for operational costs such as stationary, fuel, and lights to keep the cause going.

We are working to save lives through various emergency programs including; delivery of clean water for humans and livestock, support for agriculture projects, distribution of cash, and cash for work.

$25 will feed a family for 1 week
$100 will feed a family for 1 month
$150 will provide food & basic needs for a family for 1 month
$300 will provide food & basic needs for a family for 2 months

Your financial support is needed to bring emergency food, clean water and other essential care to children and their families in the Horn of Africa.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the Horn Relief network of patrons and donors. Please spread the word!

Kelley Page Jibrell
USA Chair, Board of Directors for Horn Relief

Horn Relief and its Founder, Fatima Jibrell, have won the 2002 Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa and the 2008 National Geographic Society/Buffett Foundation Leadership for Conservation Award.

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