Thursday, June 21, 2012

China and Chad

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) recently published a paper titled China's Growing Involvement in Chad: Escaping Enclosure? and a policy brief titled Refining Relations: Chad's Growing Links with China. Both were written by Romain Dittgen, a PhD candidate at the University of Paris, and Daniel Large, a fellow at the Rift Valley Institute in Kenya.

The studies note that relations between Chad and China have expanded and deepened since diplomatic ties were resumed in August 2006. Underpinned by Chinese oil development and a refinery project, China has effectively replaced the World Bank. There are challenges for China. By investing in a refinery and dealing with Chad in a different way from the conditionality approach of the World Bank and western engagement, China has embarked on an innovative intervention whereby the Chadian leadership is relying on China to promote a range of social goals related to the domestic political objectives of the regime. It remains to be seen if China can enable Chad to escape chronic underdevelopment and protracted insecurity.

Click here to read the full paper and click here to read the shorter policy brief.

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