Thursday, July 19, 2012

Islam and Ethiopia

The Pambazuka News on 19 July 2012 ran a piece by Elyas Mulu Kiros titled "Ethiopian Muslims and Their Struggle for Rights." It strikes me as a balanced and informed account of this controversial subject.

Click here to read the article.


  1. Dear Ambassador David H. Shinn,I have seen the comment your forwarded on Elyas Mulu Kiros's article entitled: "Ethiopian Muslims and their struggle for right". Your comment seems politically motivated,as the article has failed to properly address the issue historically and subjectively. Would you please comment to reactions forwarded by Bilalulhabesh on this subject at Thank you.

  2. My brief comment is not politically motivated, but just an impression. Perhaps my impression is wrong, but that does not mean it is politically motivated. If you believe that the article by Elyas Mulu Kiros is inaccurate, feel free to say why.

  3. Thank you Dear Ambassador David H. Shinn, for your reply and I apologize for the error I made. Do you know why I raise you this question? Because I was confused to which the real history belongs. Bilalulhabesh review about Ethiopian Muslims' history is different from what Elyas Mulu Kiros has described and seems to be more realistic. Since you have served here in Ethiopia as Ambassador of USA, I was eager to see your comment on the issue; Of course if you are willing on it. Again thank you.