Friday, July 13, 2012

Somalia, Somaliland and the United Kingdom

Ahmed M.I. Egal, a financial and business development consultant, wrote a highly critical piece on 12 July 2012 for Pambazuka News titled "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Somalia-Somaliland Talks and the British Co-Opted Roadmap." While I believe the commentary is excessively critical of both the United Kingdom and President Silanyo, it is particularly well written and raises some provocative questions.

Click here to read the commentary.


  1. As a 30 year old Somali I read this and was frankly dissapointed that Amb Shinn bothered to attached any weight to this article.

    My advise to Amb Shinn and A MI Egal is the following:

    'times are a changin'

  2. Mohamed Duale

    As a young Somalilander who is very much concerned about the future of his country, I would say, that this Article is really well articulated and written. Ahmed Egal is really smart and intelligent man whose analysis is really intriguing.

  3. The whole thing was a giant big rant, tribalists never where rational to begin with anyway.