Monday, October 8, 2012

Mayor "Tarzan" of Mogadishu

Mohamed Mubarak wrote a short piece on Mohamoud Ahmed Nur, the mayor of Mogadishu but better known as "Tarzan," for Foreign Policy magazine. Nur previously ran an Internet cafe in London for 20 years.

Click here to read the entertaining article.


  1. Mr Tarzan is a radical driven by clan ideology and have been a big obstacle of the peace process during the transitional federal government of president Abdulahi Yusuf, the mayors recent portrait as nationalist is to gain more popular status among the community of nations and to further his claim of been constructive individual.
    There is a clear picture of the mayor protesting in a London, hospital where the late President was staying for health care issues.
    his opposition to a rule of law have always been his main priority, and on top of several allegations of corruption there is a clear evidence the MR Tarzan, have owned various check-points in the city of Mogadisho, and the lower shabelle province, those check-points have generated so many endowments for his gang activity.
    He also participated in many hit and run operations, mostly against journalists and aid workers.
    the mayor have also participated in many relese negotiations with pirates and have had his amount from ransom money.
    his admission to killings in a radio interview have prombted many questions! in that very interview he added that formaer president Sheikh Sharif, were responsible for many killing that have occured in Mogadhishu, he added that former president had clear ties with Alshabab (Al-qaida sub entity). Mr Tarzan, have been one of the biggest allies of Sheikh Sharif, during the Islamic Courts invasion in many regions, and after Sheikh Sharif was rewarded the presidency to topple the remnents of islamist the mayor was invited again to a system of governance he very much opposed in the early days of its making..

  2. Tarsan is doing the job very nice, Much better than the previous Mogadishu mayors for the last twenty Years, and many people see how the Mogadishu Mayor has put on the right path to Mogadishu hence he has been dealing a lot of obstacles. I hope Mohamed Ismail, it's you who's driven by clan ideology. Well done Mr. Tarsan and carry the job, the good Somali people are with you!