Monday, October 8, 2012

Turkey's Role in Somalia

The International Crisis Group (ICG) published an excellent analysis on 8 October 2012 titled Assessing Turkey's Role in Somalia. At one point, I believe it suggested Turkey's revived interest in Africa is more recent than is actually the case. Turkey undertook a major effort beginning in 2005 to expand its relations throughout Africa. Its engagement with Africa since then has been extraordinary.

The study concluded that "Somalis of all walks of life refer to Turkey's arrival as a miracle and Godsend. But that honeymoon is ending." ICG added that "Turkey faces incredibly high Somali expectations that will lead to disappointment unless well managed." It then properly warned: "Ankara should be under no illusion that it can continue working solo in Somalia. International actors that have traditionally played the lead role in Somalia are joining Turkey on the ground in Mogadishu. It will need to coordinate its efforts with others to achieve a durable peace in Somalia, because the alternative--poor coordination--will be exploited by Somali politicians, leading to unnecessary duplication and the waste of limited and badly needed resources."

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  1. Where was the international actors for the last twenty some years. If the so called International actors want to help Somalia first they have to come to the capital of somalia NOT Nairobi, the turks know there is risk but do they care NO, they are there for the long run. The so called Internationa Crisis Group I would suggest that they find another area or location to focus on because Somali is on the mend and soon there will not any reason form the ICG. I am sure the ICG made a very very good income from Somalia like they say in the west "The gravy train is coming to an end"