Thursday, November 8, 2012

Somali Writer Takes Aim at Wahhabi Influence in Somalia

A Somali analyst, Abdul Ghelleh, takes direct aim at the harmful Wahhabi influence in Somalia in a 8 November 2012 piece in Pambazuka News. He draws parallels with the situation in northern Mali and northern Nigeria. He is also critical of U.S. policy to contain extremism in the region.

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  1. This type of extortion and manipulation IDEOLOGY has already hit the US and made it's mark on our "once upon a time" Democratic Capitalist Free Enterprise. "Social Reform and Ideology" has become the Manifesto of most African and Mexican American descendants who believe they have been exploited by Anglo Saxons in America. Black Militance has erupted in epidemic proportions with such entitlement that even Authorities do not see the crippling effect it has on the leadership and tainted image of those we entrust our lives to.