Saturday, April 13, 2013

G-8 Support for Somalia

The G-8 foreign ministers met in London on 10-11 April 2013.  They made a series of commitments concerning Somalia that appeared in press release titled "News Story G8 Support for Somalia."

The foreign ministers agreed to continue international support for the new Somali government and to provide high-level political backing for Somalia's re-engagement with the World Bank, African Development Bank and International Monetary Fund.  They also agreed to promote political reconciliation and re-integrate those members of al-Shabaab who have renounced violence.

1 comment:

  1. I believe "AlShabab" integration is far much easier than that of "Taliban" and other religious association in the sense that it lack and is devoid of the broader support of the public and it only survived so long because it was an income source for the youth.

    To this extend, I believe if proper reconciliation path is set up or drawn outside the govermental bargaining power, but, within the sphere of "Somali circle" and other immediate income source are created it can be tackled.