Thursday, May 2, 2013

Somalia-Somaliland Negotiations

The Mogadishu-based The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS) just published a policy briefing titled "The Somalia-Somaliland Negotiations."  It argues that Somaliland's grievances based on historical injustices must be recognized and addressed.  Constitutional guarantees must be developed to ensure that past mistakes are not made again.  But the policy brief adds that Somaliland must realize that its quest to leave the union is growing increasingly untenable. 

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  1. Somaliland - Is only reclaimed the independence that it gained from the British colony on 26 June 1960. People of Somaliland tried Uniting with south Somalia but it disastrously failed. Over 70,000 Somaliland citizens died the struggle to reclaim their independence. They will never reunite or negotiate their independence with anyone else. Many western countries are denying the right for Somaliland to be independent of Somalia. Somalia citizens are extremely hostile and against the independence of Somaliland and therefore will do everything to stop that thus are the wrong people to negotiate with our independence. We want the world to recognise Somaliland as it was once free and independent country. Now see what is happening in Britain - Scottland wants independence and the rest of Britain immediately offered the Scottish the opportunity to do referendum - why the world don't do the same the citizens of Somaliland.