Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More on Jubaland

Jubaland continues to stir conflict between Kenya and the government of the Somali Federal Government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.  Writing for Bloomberg in an article on 15 July 2013 titled "Kenyan Forces Will Remain in Somalia until Country Stabilizes," David Malingha Doya reported that Hasan Sheikh earlier this month asked Kenyan forces to leave the Jubaland area, accusing them of violating their mandate by supporting one of the factions seeking to control the region.  The Kenyan Foreign Ministry responded that Kenya's security along the border with Somalia is linked to peace and stability there and Kenya's military will not leave Somalia until it is stable and secure.

Frederick Nzwili also covered the Jubaland story for The Christian Science Monitor in a 8 July 2013 story titled "Is Kenya Birthing a New Country Named Jubaland?"  The International Crisis Group published on 21 May 2013 a brief backgrounder titled "Jubaland in Jeopardy: The Uneasy Path to State-building in Somalia." 

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