Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tension between Somalia and Kenya over Jubaland

Kenya's The Standard ran a story on 12 July 2013 by Malkhadir Muhumed titled "Somalia Hostility Threatens Peace Efforts."  The focus is the situation in Jubaland.  It includes one of my comments.


  1. Somali federal government must respect our federal constitution and democracy. People of Jubaland are people of democracy and freedom, we know our history and we do not accept there ideas neither do we have any anti- Democratic ideas from the Somali federal government.

    Thank you and all the best.
    @:Ali Jirac
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  2. I do entirly agree with you Ambassodor, the current rift will worsen the relation and curb the anticipated peacful atomsphere in the region. The damage will cripple the new SFR (Somali Federal Republic) agenda which is to restore peace and crush the Alshabab insuregetns who are just at the corner.

    Moreover, this rift will divert the attention from other crucial milestones such as re-building the country. The SFR has already wasted time and resources in assisting their own warlords. It is time for them to refrain from this impasse and give chance to elected Jubbaland adminstration. Things could be reshaped in future by conducting a referendum rather exerting forces and igniting/ fuelling internal and external unnecessary war.
    the principal objective of the SFR should be rebuilding Somalia