Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Al-Shabaab: Down But Not Out

The George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute published on 27 August 2013 a study titled "Somalia's Al-Shabaab: Down But Not Out" by the Navanti Group.

The study concluded: Al-Shabaab once appeared to be one of the most formidable terrorist groups in the world proving capable of governing vast amounts of territory and executing well-orchestrated attacks both inside and outside Somalia.  However, events over the past two years have left the group in a weakened state.  Al-Shabaab's loss of territory and public support, in combination with internal conflict, has greatly reduced the groups capacity since its peak.  This has created hope for the Somali Federal Government and opportunity for interventions by the international community to engage the Somali people and help rebuild the country.  However, despite its setbacks, al-Shabaab still commands territory and fighters, and remains a serious threat capable of destabilizing Somalia and the Horn of Africa, and potentially inspiring attacks globally.

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