Monday, September 16, 2013

China's Growing Role in South Sudan

Saferworld, a London-based independent international organization working to prevent conflict, published in August 2013 "Oil, Security and Community Engagement: A Collection of Essays on China's Growing Role in South Sudan."

The essays include:
  • Foreword by Daniel Large.
  • China and South Sudan: A Strategic Partnership? by Wang Hongxu.
  • China's Relations with Two Sudans: From 'One Country, Two Systems' to 'Two Countries, One System' by Zhang Chun.
  • Obstacles to Chinese Oil Company Engagement with Local Communities in South Sudan by Ross Anthony.
  • Managing Security Challenges for Chinese Companies in South Sudan by Jiang Heng and Zhang Hui.
  • Chinese Engagement in South Sudan and the Management of Insecurity and Conflict by Tim Steinecke.
  • Chinese Oil Companies and Local Communities in Unity State, South Sudan by Leben Nelson Moro.
  • Chinese Oil Companies in South Sudan's Conflict Environment by Qian Zhen.
  • Oil Companies and Community Relations in Unity State by Ranga Gworo.
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises in South Sudan by Jiang Hengkun.
Saferworld also published the essays in Chinese.

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