Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ethiopia, Triangular Partnership and the Diaspora

The non-governmental organization People to People (P2P) Inc. has just released a pre-publication edition of its new book Triangular Partnership: The Power of the Diaspora edited by Enawgaw Mehari, Kinfe Gebeyehu, Katy Dickinson and Matt Watts. 

P2P developed the concept of the Triangular Partnership in an effort to give something back and make a difference in the Ethiopian health care sector.  The Triangular Partnership draws on the Ethiopian diaspora to connect western and Ethiopian health care institutions.  The Ethiopian diaspora in the United States alone is estimated to number between a half million and more than a million persons.  Among the number are an estimated 1,000 physicians of Ethiopian origin living in North America.  Many other Ethiopians, including health professionals, have migrated to other parts of the world.  The essays in this book by a variety of specialists show how the Triangular Partnership has worked in Ethiopia and offer lessons for diasporas from other countries. 

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