Monday, January 13, 2014

Gender Audit of Kenya's 2013 Election Process

USAID and the National Democratic Institute sponsored a study by the Federation of Women Lawyers of Kenya (FIDA) that resulted in the recent publication of "Key Gains and Challenges: A Gender Audit of Kenya's 2013 Election Process."

FIDA Kenya analyzed the gender responsiveness of the electoral environment through two key measurements: (1) the legal framework, and (2) institutional interventions.  In evaluating the legal framework, FIDA found that the letter of the law by way of the Constitution, national legislation, and international treaties provided the most favorable and inclusive electioneering environment in Kenya's history. 

FIDA concluded that most institutions took on a very passive and minimalistic approach to putting in place measures that would have enhanced the space for women as they pursued their civil and political rights.  Overall, FIDA found no justifiable reason for the consistent and systematic exclusion of women in politics, electoral processes, and, consequently, representation.

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