Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Post-Transition Somalia: Ingredients for Peace-Building

Abukar Sanei, director of the Columbus, Ohio-based Center for Policy Analysis and Research, an independent Somali-American think tank, published on 1 January 2014 a research paper titled "Post-Transition Somalia: Ingredients for Peace-Building."

Sanei argues there are four ingredients for peace-building in Somalia: genuine reconciliation, a unified vision for state-building, effective security apparatus, and a strong judiciary system.  He also argues there is a need for two types of genuine reconciliation.  The first is public reconciliation to heal the wounds of civil war.  The second is political reconciliation among Somali leaders.

Sanei concludes that it is necessary to establish a strong judicial system that can produce tough laws against crimes that are routinely committed as well as interfere in the political crises that are related to the existing legal system. 

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