Monday, March 31, 2014

Somali Remittances

There have been a series of recent articles on the subject of Somali remittances.  Africa in Fact, the journal of Good Governance Africa, published on 1 April 2014 a piece titled "From Mogadishu to Minneapolis, And Back" by Brian Klaas, a scholar at Oxford University.

The Rift Valley Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, published in March 2014 an analysis titled "Challenges for the Somali Money Transfer Sector" by Anna Lindley and Jason Mosley. 

The London-based Africa Research Institute (ARI) published on 27 January 2014 a piece titled "Somali Remittances: 10 Things You Need to Know" by Hannah Gibson, policy researcher at ARI.  It is also available in French.

The Africa Research Institute published on 14 February 2014 an article titled "Somali Remittances Update: Banking Up the Wrong Tree" by Edward Paice, director of ARI.

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