Friday, May 23, 2014

Somaliland and Its Neighbors

Pambazuka News published on 21 May 2014 commentary titled "Re-examining Somaliland's Relations with Neighboring States" by Mohamed Abdilahi Duale and Saeed Mohamed Ahmed, both based in Somaliland.  The authors argue that Somaliland's immediate neighbors--Ethiopia and Djibouti--should recognize the government in Hargeisa. 


  1. Dear Ambassador David Shinn,
    Thank you very much for your posting of the article we have written on Somaliland's relations with its neighboring states.

  2. Brothers and sisters this a strategic and an indepth analysis by two of our best intellectuals mr. Mohamed Mohamed Abdilahi Dualeh and mr. Saed Mohamed. The arrticle previuosly published by many Somaliland news outlets has now been adopted by Pamazuka: the largest and the most influential website for social and political issues in Africa. It is a recommended read.