Monday, June 2, 2014

China's Soft Power and the Role of Media in Africa

Li Anshan, at Peking University and one of China's leading Africanists, recently published a draft study titled "Soft Power and the Role of Media: A Case Study of PKU African Tele-Info."  He offers an analysis of the concept of soft power, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of China in Africa, and a case study of PKU African Tele-Info.  He concludes that the role of media is neither a devil nor an angel.  

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  1. Hello,The value of the concept of 'soft power',as it doesn't clarify how soft power is identified with hard power like monetary clout or military might.China has taken 600 million individuals out of destitution is now a strong message to whatever remains of the world and raises prospects for different mainlands like Africa to imitate.Then again,China stays all in all a poor nation and is likewise generally new to a world that has been molded by British and American society throughout the previous 200 years.On account of the historical backdrop of colonization and global hegemony practiced from the West –for example through Hollywood film –the world is more acquainted with Western society, and learning of China is still 'extraordinarily slim'.The way we attempt and comprehend China is constantly through a Western prism,however we can't understand China in that way.China passes through an alternate history of development.It has a civilizational history,not a country state foundation like most Western state.Thank you.
    ~Kristin Shaw.